Nazwa: "W cieniu araukarii. Spotkania z Polonią brazylijską" (2000 r.)
Cena: 25.00 PLN
Professor Wladyslaw M. Miodunka, lecturer at the Jagiellonski University in Cracow and the University of Parana in Curytyba:

- "In the Shadow of the Auracaria Tree" is the report of a trip to Brazil that accurately describes the author's interviews of a wide cross section of present day Brazilian Polonia. From her report there emerges a modern portrait that had been missing from current literature. It is time at last for the Mr. Balcera's old and unrealistic portrait of Brazilian Polonia to be replaced.

Boguslaw Zakrzewski, Ambassador of the Republic of Poland to Brazil:

- A warm climate of this flowing and colorful account emerges through life-sketches and fills one with optimism and faith in humanity. Lively descriptions of various Polish settlements evoke sympathy for our predecessors. It is a tribute to their suffering and back-breaking exertion of clearing forest and toiling the land under the scorching sun, - yet under friendly skies - so much so, that no one wanted to return to Poland� To some extent this book is also a Polish contribution to the celebration of the five-hundredth anniversary of Brazil's discovery by the Portuguese.