Travelling to You?

Travelling to You?

Travelling to you land of beauty and pride
Carried by autumn gold of your trees
Green-grey fields
Cool depth of your gleaming eyes

Travelling the October sun road
Forced in summer to carry limousines, boats and road-cruisers
In winder climbing midst snowy hills and valleys
In spring painted with May

Travelling the road then marked by the aroma of chrysantemums
In the glare of All Souls? Day grave-lights
Feebly dancing to memories.

Travelling ?midst graves with crosses arms
Many traces of strife for the country?s Independence
Passing villages roadside chapels spires of little white churches
Wide-open under skies seeming closer here

Travelling the road of many countrymen?s exodus
Heading for the world far and wide
They were followed by the Steadfast Pilgrim
Who left a lasting mark in souls and on stones

Travelling my heart going back to vain childhood moments
To a whisp of wind in pine and fir trees
To wild birds? songs and streams
To a silence of granite boulders and waterways

Travelling carrying my foregotten longings
Collecting lost memories of youth
Discovering straying paths of early years
In melodies of pure speech of borderland

Travelling as of yours by britchka to church
Or grandpa?s cart with apples to market..
Returning to light the flame of memory
And discover the four walls shared with Milosz…

(Travels in Suwalki region: Augustow, Suwalki, Zajaczkowo, Bakalarzewo, 30-31)
October 2009