Dr Teresa Kaczorowska – poems


„Cherries Are Gone…”, USA 2011

From Reviews:

In Teresa Kaczorowska’s poetry, I like the form and originality. I also admire her for the courage and trustfulness – so much valued by me. Dina Lau-Bukowska (Burgas, Bulgaria)

In the poetic verse by Teresa Kaczorowska, the most important are love, nature and silence. There is also a place for duration and suffering and, above all, God’s presence. The poet exposes her sensitivity and space, in which the word becomes poetry. I feel convinced that the literary studies cannot easily overlook her brooding style Jozef Pless (Warsaw-Lubeck, Germany).

Teresa Kaczorowska, besides being a reporter and researcher, is an extremely talented poet. […] Most of her poems are very personal. She describes with admiration the beauty of nature, people’s relationships, their feelings, longings and hopes. […] For her, poetry writing is like keeping a diary, which expands dues to daily experiences and observations as well as reflections from numerous trips.

This poetry characterises her wisdom and kindness to people. It sounds melancholic at times, not being sorrowful though. It is mature, optimistic and hopeful about the future. Maria Zakrzewska (Chicago, USA)

Teresa Kaczorowska is among those few poets who easily evoke a catalogue of certain values – values of the country, which in Róewicz’s opinion connote with “the wound”, the nest and God. She is proud of being Polish and openly refers to the country’s tragic history, at the same time, looking forward to the future.

Currently, literature is dominated by postmodernist themes, where such values are dismissed as old-fashioned or even regarded as discredited. However, when one reads Teresa Kaczorowska’s poems, one feels her passion for the country …. the paradigm of the fate of the Polish. Her poetry is a tribute to her motherland… Elzbieta Juszczak (Technical University of Koszalin, Poland)

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